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Sarah Khatami releases debut album 'stalemate'

Introducing Brooklyn-based rising star, Sarah Khatami, and her debut album "stalemate." This emotional journey captures the essence of heartbreak through a mix of R&B and soul sounds.

Following a breakup, Sarah poured her raw emotions into this record, creating a collection of vulnerable and powerful tracks. The album's production was a deeply personal endeavor, recorded in home studios in Brooklyn to maintain authenticity.

The album's title and cover art draw inspiration from Sarah's past relationship, where chess played a significant role. Each of the 11 tracks, including the poignant "Rose Water", reflects a moment or feeling from the beginning of the relationship to its end. Collaborating with talented musicians like Mike Brightly, Brandon Jackson, and Carlo De Biaggio, Sarah's vocals shine in this intimate musical exploration.

"stalemate" is a testament to Sarah's resilience and creativity in the face of heartache, offering listeners a glimpse into the depth of her artistry. Check it out below.


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