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Santa Claws' latest single 'Gimme a minute'

Santa Claws, the Breton rock group, is gearing up to mark their 10th anniversary in 2024 with the release of their upcoming album "...So live and let lie".

Despite facing setbacks like canceled shows and changing band members, the group persevered to create a more polished and diverse sound compared to their raw debut. Their latest single "Gimme a minute" tells the tale of Sally, a carefree and whimsical soul who defies societal norms and lives life on her own terms.

Sally's character embodies freedom and nonconformity, choosing to embrace each moment without worrying about the future. With a blend of rock 'n roll energy, pop influences, and a touch of melancholy, Santa Claws' upcoming album promises to be a captivating journey through their musical evolution.

As Santa Claws prepares to release their next album filled with rock 'n roll energy blended with pop and psychedelic elements, check out "Gimme a minute" below to experience the hints of the musical journey that promises both nostalgia and innovation.


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