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Sandmoon's latest single 'Confessions'

Sandmoon, the indie band hailing from Beirut, introduces a fresh perspective on pop-rock with their latest single “Confessions”.

This track, the first in a series of upcoming releases, combines 80’s indie-pop vibes with contemporary elements, featuring captivating synth melodies and ethereal vocals. The song delves into the theme of liberation from past secrets, evoking a sense of catharsis and freedom.

Led by Sandra Arslanian on vocals and synth, the band includes Sam Wehbi on guitars, Georgy Flouty on bass, and Dani Shukri on drums. With a decade-long career marked by live performances and album releases, Sandmoon has garnered a dedicated fan base in the Middle East and beyond. Written by Sandra Arslanian, “Confessions” showcases her artistry as a talented singer-songwriter.

Produced by Marwan Tohme at Tunefork Recording Studios in Beirut, this single promises to be just the beginning of Sandmoon's musical journey. Stay tuned for more captivating music from this talented band.


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