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SAER Reworks a Classic: Unveiling 'My Funny Valentine'

SAER has skillfully embarked on a transformative journey with his latest release, "My Funny Valentine". In this captivating cover, he fearlessly fuses together elements of Dubstep, Electro, and Jazz, breathing new life into a song that has stood the test of time.

Originally performed by the legendary Chet Baker in 1952, SAER fearlessly brings his own artistic vision to the forefront, revitalizing the classic with his unique twist. Having made waves on The Voice UK and garnering praise from respected platforms such as BBC Music Introducing, SAER's contribution to the music scene is undeniable.

Released in time for Valentine's Day, "My Funny Valentine" bridges old and new, offering a modern perspective on jazz. The track captures the essence of love, delivering a moving vocal performance within an atmospheric production that blends nostalgia with innovation. SAER's rendition skillfully explores the complexities of love, engaging listeners with its dynamic contrast between vocals and drums.

Enveloped in SAER's velvety vocals and jazzy instrumentation, this track resonates with those touched by love's whirlwind or seeking solace in the nostalgia of Valentine's Day.


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