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Rye Catchers unveil latest single: 'History (Nikki Simmons Reprise)' off of new album 'Mixed Messages'

Rye Catchers have just unveiled their latest single "History (Nikki Simmons Reprise)" off of their new album "Mixed Messages".

Distributed by Atlanta-based label Valiant Horizon, the track showcases the powerhouse vocals of Nikki Simmons paired with the driving bass-lines of Tim Lefebvre. This pop rock tune blends moody verses with sweeping choruses, reminiscent of 80's vibes, but infused with a modern twist.

Led by songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts, Rye Catchers deliver a diverse musical experience with a unique sound. The album kicks off with the energetic "History", followed by the optimistic "Anything" and nostalgic "Incandescent". Transitioning into electro-pop with tracks like "Ordinary" and "Sometimes", the album culminates in the powerful "Never Look Down" before revisiting "History" in a contemporary reprise featuring female lead vocals.

With a lineup of talented musicians contributing to the album, Rye Catchers create a blend of pop, rock, and electronic elements that define their signature sound. Check out the single and album below.


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