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Roman Angelos Releases New Single 'Motorbike Journey'

Roman Angelos, the seasoned NYC guitarist, composer, and arranger, is back with his latest single "Motorbike Journey" a preview of his upcoming album "Tropical Nites" coming out later this year.

"Motorbike Journey" sets the tone with its vibraphone-driven melody and dynamic trombone solos, creating a rich harmonic landscape that surprises and delights listeners. Roman Angelos' musical journey, inspired by 60s and 70s library recordings, exotica, and muzak, promises a captivating experience of textures and sonics in the jazz-oriented compositions.

The record was produced by Shawn Lee, mixed by Pierre Duplan and mastered by Andrea De Bernardi. With cover art design by MJ Langthorne. Released and distributed trough Ari Joshua's Music Factory Records.

The track features an impressive octet of musicians, each bringing their unique talents to the mix. They are: Rich Bennett on guitar, Brittany Anjou on Vibraphone, Ben Zwerin on bass, Spencer Cohen on drums, Dennis Boolyoins on percussion, Rose Rutledge on flute, Kai Sandoval on trumpet, Nadav Niremberg on Trombone, and Deidre Rodman-Struck on piano and synth on “Secret Officers Meeting".


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