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Robert Jordan unveils new album titled 'Vincent and Theo'

Robert Jordan, the talented singer-songwriter from Boulder, has recently released his latest album "Vincent and Theo".

Following his earlier album "Time will Tell", "Vincent and Theo" showcases Jordan's musical evolution. Recorded at Far and Away Studios in Boulder by the experienced Geoff Gray, the album features a fusion of folk rock with elements of jazz and more rock-oriented pieces like "Song for Bob" and "Over for Good".

Tracks like "Purgatory" challenge established beliefs, while "Sky" offers an ethereal instrumental journey. The standout title song "In Heaven" recounts Jordan's experience at Vincent Van Gogh's grave, with accompanying cover photo capturing the essence of the song. Notable contributions come from drummer Christian Teele and backing vocals by Rebecca Abraxas, adding depth to the tracks.

Jordan's "Vincent and Theo" is a captivating blend of soulful vocals, compelling beats, and heartfelt storytelling that is sure to resonate with music enthusiasts. Check it out below.

LINKS: Spotify | Bandcamp


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