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RISE unveil new single 'Here I Am'

Liverpool-based band RISE have unveiled their latest original single "Here I Am" showcasing their distinctive sound and high-energy rock influence.

Comprised of Sam Kinley on bass and vocals, Paul Kinley on keyboards, Alex Mahoney on drums, and Brian Petch on guitar, RISE combines melodic vocal hooks with a blend of synths and guitars, creating a dynamic musical experience. The track, along with the songs from their EP "Memories and Possibilities", was crafted at Whitewood Studios in Liverpool under the guidance of producer Rob Whiteley.

"Here I Am" delves into the theme of long-term relationships, emphasizing the importance of mutual support and positivity in life. RISE's music exudes a mix of melodic and progressive rock elements, setting them apart with their distinctive and instantly recognizable sound.

With their latest release, RISE continues to captivate audiences with their infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics. Check it out below.


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