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Resilience and Authenticity: Rosalie James' Latest Single 'Girl I Was'

Rosalie James, a talented musician hailing from Cornwall, UK, has recently released her original single "Girl I Was".

With a background in piano and guitar, Rosalie draws inspiration from a variety of musical influences, including The Bangles and 90s indie sounds, as well as her personal struggles. Despite her initial doubts, Rosalie has embraced her unique perspective, finding an emotional outlet in her music. Her latest single "Girl I Was" has already garnered acclaim from major players in the music industry.

Having navigated through social, health, emotional, and sensory challenges, Rosalie's journey towards self-discovery has lead her back to her creative roots after a decade in Social Work. Her upcoming debut album "Full of Chemicals" produced by Daniel Knowles, is set to be released in June 2024.

Rosalie's introspective approach to songwriting and her unwavering passion for music shine through in "Girl I Was", showcasing her resilience and authenticity in pursuing her musical career against all odds.

So be sure to check out the single below and connect with Rosalie through the links under it.


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