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Repeat unveil new album: 'Rat Race'

Fresh off the success of their debut album, Swedish stoner rock group Repeat have just released their latest album "Rat Race", courtesy of TH Records.

This new album showcases a heightened level of intensity and vigor from the trio, incorporating elements of stoner rock, punk, and post-hardcore across nine dynamic tracks spanning 18 minutes. Tracks like "Not Enough" and "Man on the Moon" complement the standout single "Reasons", which encapsulates the band's melodic prowess.

Embracing a raw and "live" recording approach, Repeat prioritized lyrical depth and self-reflection in crafting this album, striving to capture the essence of their live performances.

"Rat Race" stands as a testament to Repeat's growth and evolution, delivering a diverse sonic journey that explores various moods and styles with precision and passion. Check it out below.


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