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Rachael Sage's latest single 'Albatross (Reimagined)', and upcoming album 'Another Side'

Rachael Sage's latest single "Albatross (Reimagined)", featuring folk artist Crys Matthews, precedes her upcoming 15th studio album "Another Side", blending acoustic folk with thoughtful 70's-inspired lyrics.

This introspective track showcases Sage's folk-pop fusion and Matthews' harmonious vocals, weaving a tale of resilience and hope through delicate melodies and understated production.

"Another Side", produced by Rachael (and released via her own label, MPress Records), and recorded and mixed by Mikhail Pivovarov and Andy Zulla, features guest artists Crys Matthews and Amy Speace, presenting a diverse mix of covers and originals. The album showcases Sage's acclaimed songwriting, inviting listeners on a profound journey of emotion and beauty, through compositions that strip back to the roots of authentic folk sound.

With emotive vocals and intricate arrangements, Rachael's folk-Americana prowess shines through, captivating listeners with her evocative artistry.


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