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Powers of the Monk unveil 'Puffy Head'

Powers of the Monk (POM) presents their latest single "Puffy Head", a whimsical track capturing the adventures of astronauts in space. The lyrics creatively depict the effects of space travel on the human body as a dreamy journey filled with alien encounters.

The band, consisting of David S. Monk on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, and CasSondra Powers on vocals and violin, showcases a blend of genres including indie pop, indie rock, with dreamy mellow vibes and art-rock elements.

Established in 2006 in Detroit, Michigan, POM initially leaned towards electronic rock before taking a decade-long hiatus. Returning in 2020 with a refreshed sound, the band, under the guidance of producer Dani Macchi, has released singles like "Firefly" and "Switchin' Rails".

Their latest track "Puffy Head" is a testament to their evolution and creativity, with upcoming releases of a cover song and a new track, promising a vibrant summer ahead for POM fans. Check it out below.


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