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Podge Lane unveils 'Left Foot Right Foot (Panic)'

Podge Lane's latest single "Left Foot Right Foot (Panic)", showcases the Irish artist's signature blend of witty songwriting and innovative musical direction.

Following a successful UK tour, Lane provides a sneak peek into his upcoming album. With a lively mix of electric slide guitar riffs, Lane invites listeners into the world of "Left Foot Right Foot (Panic)", the second track from his upcoming third studio album '"Multiple Dead Ends", which explores alt-rock and chamber pop influences.

The song's lyrics resonate with many millennials, touching on the fear of aging and the pressure some people allow to have to give up on their dreams and "settle down". Having received praise for his previous single "Down", Lane continues to captivate audiences with his infectious blend of spirited vocals and raw guitar work.

As he gears up for a summer tour and album release, "Left Foot Right Foot (Panic)" sets the stage for an exciting musical journey ahead. So be sure to check out the single below and stay tuned for more.


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