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Pleaser Announce New Single and Upcoming Album

Pleaser, the alternative rock duo, is set to release their upcoming album "Read the Room" on May 3rd, with the lead single "Always Looking In" already out.

This track showcases a departure from their usual sound, focusing on themes of searching for belonging and new experiences.

The band's message resonates with those who feel like outsiders in certain spaces, encouraging them to find where they truly belong. Known for their solid melodies, harmonies, and soul-sticking riffs, Pleaser continues to captivate audiences with their music.

Formed in 2019, Pleaser consists of Collin Bennett, Graham Dickson, and Christian Olds. Collaborating with producer Cole Clark, the band released their first EP "Why Aren't You Any Fun?" in March 2021, followed by several singles.

With a dedicated fan base and millions of streams, Pleaser is poised for even more success in the coming year. So be sure to check them out through the links below.


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