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Pink Skull Garden release new single 'Busy Today'

Pink Skull Garden, a pop-punk trio hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, is making waves with their latest single "Busy Today".

The band, comprising Farhan Raza on Guitar and Vocals, Gabriel Chimenti on Bass, and Hunter Dubar on Drums, channels the rebellious spirit of 2000s skate-punk in their music. Recorded at Sense-2 Studio by Blake Hobson, the track combines fast guitars and pounding drums with anthemic choruses that encapsulate the essence of youth angst and exhilaration.

The lyrics delve into themes of teenage confusion and the struggle to find one's identity amidst societal pressures. Capturing the essence of adolescent struggles, the song's energetic sound offers a cathartic release for listeners.

With upcoming music releases in July and plans for an album tour in February 2025, Pink Skull Garden is set to breathe new life into the pop-punk scene with their fresh, modern twist. Check them out below.

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