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pb releases debut album 'neither prose nor poetry'

London-based British-American artist pb has just released her debut album "neither prose nor poetry" showcasing a collection of 10 tracks that span her musical journey from youth to the present day.

The album serves as a showcase of pb's versatile songwriting styles, combining elements of folk-style storytelling with a contemporary twist. The lead single "Found" stands out with its soothing acoustic guitar melodies, complemented by Celtic percussion and heartfelt vocals, echoing the album's theme of self-discovery.

Throughout the album, pb maintains an acoustic charm while weaving in Americana and Celtic influences, highlighted by emotive strings and layered harmonies. Tracks like "Searching For New", "Out Of My Element", "Simplicity", and "Roses and Baby's Breath" offer a blend of introspective lyrics and melodic arrangements that capture pb's unique sound, which is a fusion of folk, indie, and soulful elements.

Overall, "neither prose nor poetry" introduces pb as a promising singer-songwriter with a gift for crafting emotive and relatable music. Check it out below.


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