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Paul Lupa's Latest Single 'Whats the Dealin´'

Paul Lupa's latest single "Whats the Dealin´" is a modern reggae track that stands out for its musicality and meaningful lyrics.

The song, based on the "Flashlight Riddim" dedicated to photographer Nazar Moawad, features experienced singer Jah Mason delivering powerful vocals with lyrics that are both critical and uplifting.

Lupa's collaboration with musicians like Florian "Stahl" Muenzer of the Evolution Band and Cédric Munsch adds depth to the track, with standout guitar riffs and horn sections. The drum track, courtesy of BigFinga, provides a solid foundation for the song. Lupa's skills as a composer, musician, and producer shine through in the recording and mixing of the keyboards, bass, and percussion in his Hamburg studio.

Check out "Whats the Dealin´" below, a true testament to Lupa's talent and the collaborative spirit of the reggae music scene.


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