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Paper Citizen unveils new single 'American Song'

Paper Citizen, an Indie-rock project led by the multi-talented Claire Gohst, has been making waves in the music scene with her latest single "American Song".

The track showcases Claire's unique blend of crisp vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and intricate instrumentals that deliver a sound that breaks away from traditional conventions. With a passion for conveying emotions through music, Claire's music is a reflection of her journey from Singapore to the US, where she honed her skills at Berklee College of Music studying recording arts and jazz violin.

"American Song" serves as a heartfelt tribute to Claire's love for American music and nostalgia for the evolution of live music over the years. The single is also a part of her upcoming debut album, with more singles planned to be released leading up to the full album release.

Paper Citizen's live shows in LA offer a glimpse into her enchanting sound, inviting indie-pop and indie-rock enthusiasts to connect through the power of music and community. Check out the single below and connect with Claire through the links under it.


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