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Pam Ross releases new single: 'Fire in the Hole'

Pam Ross, a renowned artist blending rock, Americana, and country music, has just released her latest single "Fire in the Hole" as a preview of her debut album "When Therapy Fails".

The track, recorded in Goodluck Studio in Chapel Hill, NC, with a talented group of musicians, spotlights Pam's dynamic vocals and emotive guitar skills. Pam's ability to effortlessly fuse genres shines through in this song, capturing the essence of her raw energy and emotional depth.

Known as "PamMusic", her musical style has earned her accolades like Musician of the Year at the Whos Hoo Country Music Awards and a Fan Favorite award at the Independent Music Network Awards. With a remarkable 350K streams on Spotify, Pam's music deeply resonates with her expanding fan base.

Pam's musical journey, which began in Houston, TX, and evolved through Nashville, culminates in her latest work, a testament to her resilience and passion for music. Check out the single below.


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