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Pale Cousin's new single: 'Out of Control'

Irish musician Pale Cousin unveils his latest Alt Hip-Hop creation, "Out of Control". Boosey's introspective lyrics touch on themes of self-doubt, self-improvement, and the fleeting nature of time, all set to a melodic, organic hip-hop groove.

As a solo act, Pale Cousin, portrayed by Terry Boosey, showcases his versatility by handling bass guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, keys, vocals, and drum programming. Recorded at Skyport Studio by Dr Dark Sound, the song captures Pale Cousin's organic and melodic style. Inspired by live performances utilizing a multi-looper, "Out of Control" originated as an experimental piece at the Scene on The Green Festival, resonating deeply with the audience and leading to its official release.

Boosey's mantra, "I don't adhere to any particular genre, I like to paint outside of the lines", perfectly reflects his boundary-pushing approach to music.

Check out "Out of Control" below, and connect with Pale Cousin through the links under it.


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