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Päter's "Moonshine" - A Captivating Journey into Loneliness and Longing

Päter returns with a mesmerizing offering that expands the artist's sonic universe in "Moonshine." This original single showcases a more vulnerable side of the Alt Pop/Rock artist, with a captivating vocal performance set against a backdrop of soft, tinkling piano.

The haunting melody of "Moonshine" unravels like a lullaby, as Päter implores the moon to keep shining on them while they keep their eye to the sky. The track carries a bittersweetness, accompanied by a pervasive sense of unease as Päter struggles to hold on to the one thing that keeps them from the darkness.

Written on a night of deep loneliness and longing, during a historic supermoon, "Moonshine" captures the cognitive dissonance of beauty coexisting with despair. Produced in collaboration with Howard Redekopp, known for his work with Mother Mother and Tegan & Sara, the track maintains a raw and intimate quality.

Accompanied by a self-directed music video, Päter creates visuals that allow space for the lyrics and mood to truly land. With "Moonshine," Päter continues to surprise and captivate listeners, showcasing their ability to evoke powerful emotions through their music.

As we eagerly anticipate what's to come from this rising artist, Päter's collaboration with Howard Redekopp promises unexpected and compelling musical experiences.

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