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Olivia Cox unveils latest single: 'Miss Me'

Olivia Cox, a talented singer-songwriter, has unveiled her latest single "Miss Me", a vibrant and captivating track with a slightly sombre message about modern dating dynamics.

At just 24 years old, Olivia's passion for music shines through in this song, which was expertly crafted with producer Andy Dixon at Headspace Studios in Vancouver. Mastered by Railtown Mastering, "Miss Me" delves into the complexities of relationships in today's society, exploring themes of trust, commitment, and the yearning to be wanted.

Despite the dark undertone of the lyrics, the music is irresistibly upbeat, creating a unique dichotomy that sets the song apart. Olivia's introspective approach to songwriting and her ability to translate personal experiences into empowering melodies make "Miss Me" a must-listen for anyone navigating the challenges of modern romance.

Get ready to dance and feel the emotions with Olivia Cox's latest release! You can check it out below.


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