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Octavia's Newest Single 'INSANE!' And The Journey Behind It

Today we present to you Octavia's latest single "INSANE!". It is an amazing song which marks a powerful return to the music scene of the artist, after a challenging journey towards sobriety and self-discovery.

The track showcases Octavia's raw and authentic exploration of inner turmoil, drawing inspiration from her struggles with mental health and substance abuse. Influenced by 90s rock and grunge, Octavia's electric guitar-driven sound captures a rebellious spirit that resonates with listeners seeking authenticity.

Recorded at Musically Speaking Studios in Blackwood, New Jersey, "INSANE!" faced a unique production challenge when a studio computer crash led to the reconstruction of the track. This unexpected setback turned into a blessing, allowing Octavia and producer Stephen Childs to infuse the song with fresh ideas and a renewed perspective. The result is a dynamic and compelling single that embodies the resilience and creativity of Octavia's musical journey.

So be sure to check the track below and connect through the links under the track.


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