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NOTNORTH Unveils 'Gatorade Love': A Musical Thirst Quencher

NOTNORTH, led by David Alan Thornton, is a NYC-based band with a diverse lineup of musicians supporting him both in the studio and on stage. The project's name, an anagram of Thornton's last name and also an inside joke, as he grew up in Alaska, symbolizes a new direction and a spirit of exploration in his music, which is influenced by icons like David Bowie and The Killers.

His latest single, "Gatorade Love" was recorded at Restoration Sound in Williamsburg, NYC, engineered by Lorenzo Wolff and co-produced and mixed by Lloyd Kikoler. Mastering was done by Alex DeTurk of Bunker Studio.

The song's inspiration came from a moment of creative revelation at a bar, where Thornton found inspiration in the imaginative names of cocktails, like "Old-fashioned in Manhattan", shaping the song's verses around these concepts. The track delves into various forms of thirst, from the craving for a drink to the desire between individuals and within different communities.

Overall, "Gatorade Love" showcases NOTNORTH's innovative songwriting and production approach, blending infectious melodies with introspective lyricism to create a captivating musical experience.

Check out the song, and connect via the links below.


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