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Nix Dadry Unveils Emotional New Single 'Kiss The Dirt'

Nix Dadry, a versatile solo rock musician, has recently unveiled his latest emotional single "Kiss The Dirt". Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including americana, blues, and folk, this ballad showcases a fusion of epic piano and strings that beautifully encapsulates the theme of love.

Collaborating with talented musicians like John Joe Gaskin on drums and Cici Powell on bass and vocals, Nix Dadry takes the lead on vocals and guitar, while the renowned Ed Harcourt lends his expertise in production, piano, keyboards, and guitar. The involvement of Ed Harcourt, a long-time inspiration for Nix, added a special touch to the recording process.

Influenced by rock, blues, soul, grunge, and folk, the single was expertly produced by Ed Harcourt at his Wolf Cabin Studios, capturing the essence of a challenging romantic journey through poignant lyrics and intricate string arrangements. After a reset in the recording process, Nix's dedication and vision have truly paid off in delivering a heartfelt musical experience.

Listen to the song below and don't forget to connect with Nix through the links under it.


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