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nighTime: A Dreamy and Enigmatic Musical Journey

Chicago-based band nighTime is creating waves in the music industry with their unique sound that defies categorization. Led by Johnny, who handles the music writing, recording, and production, and accompanied by Jason on drums and Joe on bass, nighTime is bringing a fresh perspective to the music scene.

Formed after Johnny relocated from Los Angeles to Chicago, nighTime found its missing pieces in Jason and Joe, who were searching for a new project to join. Together, they have become an integral part of the band's live performances, infusing their talents into nighTime's captivating sound.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as Tame Impala, Radiohead, Brand New, Flume, Frank Ocean, and Led Zeppelin, nighTime breaks boundaries and embraces the freedom of songwriting. Johnny particularly admires Jimmy Page's guitar style, which has influenced him since childhood.

Although nighTime is yet to play notable gigs or make radio or TV appearances, they are eagerly anticipating their first show in a few weeks. The band has spent over a year crafting a live performance that is unlike anything seen before, incorporating remixed versions of their tracks with cinematic-inspired transitions. It's a DJ-style set with live instrumentation, promising a mesmerizing experience for their audience.

Their single, "Animals," was recorded in Johnny's home studio in Los Angeles and completed in Chicago. Each of nighTime's tracks draws inspiration from nature, with "Animals" using the sound of rain and thunder as a guide in the songwriting process. The dreamy synthesizers and reverberating guitar distortion create an ambient rainfall at night, evoking a sense of thunder and lightning.

nighTime's music invites listeners into a dreamstate, a subconscious realm that is hazy and hallucinatory. It provokes introspection and connects on an emotional level, making it ideal for late-night listening.

In the words of the band themselves, nighTime's music is a nocturnal dreamstate, an experience that transports listeners to another dimension. With their enigmatic sound and ethereal vibes, nighTime is set to make a lasting impression in the music industry.


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