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ndge Unveils New Single: 'Cajun Twister'

Today we present to you ndge (pronounced “nudge”). An independent artist whose mission is to create the kind of music they love, never copy, and stay true to who they are.

Their latest single release "Cajun Twister" takes a departure from their previous synthwave sound, delving into a darker realm of rock, voodoo and americana.

The track explores the haunting theme of night terrors, offering listeners a glimpse into the enigmatic mind of ndge. With a blend of indie, pop, voodoo rock, and nuevo-retro influences, "Cajun Twister" showcases the artist's unique approach to music production. ndge, known for their independent spirit and diverse musical style, aims to create original sounds that defy conventional genres.

"Cajun Twister" captures the essence of sleepless nights haunted by persistent thoughts. With its devilish swing and evocative lyrics, this song is a mesmerizing journey into the depths of the mind.

So be sure to check out the song and video below.


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