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navel grazr Release a Powerful Debut EP 'Elegies'

navel grazr's debut EP "Elegies" is a captivating blend of dark dream pop and post-punk elements.

Vocalist and guitarist Anjali Nair, and producer and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Dellaquila have crafted a work that delves into themes of memory, belonging, and loss, drawing from Nair's personal journey as an Indian American. The EP's lush audio landscape and rhythmic precision, combined with Nair's emotive vocals, create a poignant listening experience that oscillates between melancholy and catharsis.

The duo's meticulous approach to production is evident in each of the four distinct tracks on the EP. From the rhythmic slow burn of "Heads Will Roll" to the nostalgic indie rock vibes of "Sun Doesn't Rise", each song offers a unique sonic experience. "Two Funerals" channels dark goth influences, while "I Know I'll End Up Like You" presents a moody, cinematic journey through themes of paranoia and mortality.

Check out "Elegies" below, is a compelling and soulful debut that promises a compelling musical journey that is both introspective and sonically engaging.


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