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#NAME? unveil latest single 'Ambient2'

#NAME? have introduced their latest single "Ambient2", marking their debut into ambient music with a blend of pop sensibilities and innovative structures.

The digitally crafted track aims to evoke a vintage feel while embracing unconventional elements. With a 36-year journey, the band decided it was time to share their music despite facing challenges like rejection from the BBC and lack of PR support.

Derived from an Excel naming error, #NAME? reflects the absence of a formal band name. "Ambient2" was self-recorded and produced at home, driven by a genuine passion to create music for potential listeners. The ethos behind the single emphasizes utilizing modern technology to experiment with sound design and composition.

While the track "Ambient2" from the upcoming EP "Nebula" teeters between pop conventions and innovative structures, it is intended to resonate with fans of ambient and drone music. Check out the single below.


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