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NADIA unveils latest single: 'Catch Me If You Can'

NADIA, the talented singer-songwriter from Belfast, is captivating listeners with her latest single "Catch Me If You Can".

Produced by Spike Milliken at Mojo Recording Studios, this infectious dance-pop track blends mesmerizing tunes with a catchy chorus, poised to elevate NADIA's career to new heights.

In this alluring song, NADIA combines her powerful vocals with shimmering synths, enticing beats, and compelling lyrics that will resonate with fans across the UK and beyond. "Catch Me If You Can" delves into the whirlwind of infatuation, portraying the unpredictable journey of love that is sure to get people on their feet.

Having made a mark in 2023 with hits like "Every Step" and "Push the Button", NADIA's music explores the complexities of love and relationships. Her upcoming tour with Irish pop star Lyra promises to showcase her soulful sound and captivating stage presence, solidifying her position as a rising star in the pop music scene.


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