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Musical Fusion Extraordinaire: LAW ABIDIN CITIZ3N's Sonic Odyssey

Today we have the pleasure of presenting to you a very unique artist who is creating music that blends and defies genres.

His name is Levi Oak-Reid, and goes by the name of LAW ABIDIN CITIZ3N, which stands for the 'ABIDIN' of the laws of the Universe, with focus on manifestation, motion, consciousness, sentience, and attraction.

In late 2023 he released his debut album, "SCUM: Self-Centred Urban Male," which showcases his incredible journey from homelessness to success. Despite facing adversity, Citiz3n managed to complete his dissertations and graduate with honors in Law LLB. During this challenging time, he wrote and produced the entire album solo in his car, parked in an alleyway at night after a day of studying.

The album is a restive fusion of '80s and '90s samples with catchy pop melodies and modern electronic production. Levi, the sole writer, singer and producer of the project, masterfully incorporates samples from songs of that time, powerful drums and bass, and a diverse range of electronic features, to create his original sound.

From the opening track "Mother Mary," which combines Nigerian tribal chants with Visage's "Fade to Grey," to the captivating blend of erotic movie sample and Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" on "Breathe," the album showcases Citiz3n's creative genius. Additionally, the album features a Linkin Park-inspired hip-hop tribal beat sampling Ru Paul's '90s hit "Supermodel" and samples from Jefferson Airplane and Madonna's '90s Ray of Light album.

"SCUM: Self-Centred Urban Male" is a unique and original blend of dance and house, hip-hop, ambient and electronic, and a powerful testament to Citiz3n's resilience and musical talent. So be sure to check it out via the links below.


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