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Moon Cowboy Releases: 'Baby Jane'

Lisbon's emerging shoegaze artist Moon Cowboy has unveiled his latest single "Baby Jane," a vibrant track released through 1991 Recordings.

Infusing classic shoegaze textures with a lively rhythm, this debut under the label promises a refreshing sound. Moon Cowboy, led by songwriter Ricardo Fiel, has collaborated with renowned talents and toured with music icons, shaping a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation.

The upcoming EP "An Explosion of Sound" set for a May release hints at more captivating music to come. Moon Cowboy's previous works like "Hope" and "Go Baby Go" have garnered praise from fans and critics alike, with all proceeds supporting charitable causes.

"Baby Jane" stands out as a summer anthem, skillfully merging influences from classic shoegaze with a contemporary pop flair, showcasing Moon Cowboy's distinct musical vision.

You can listen to the single below, and connect with the artists through the links under.


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