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Moon and Aries Unveil New Single: 'Firenight'

Moon and Aries, comprised of Tom Aries from Germany and Jordana Moon from Canada, have captivated a global audience with their distinct blend of trip-hop and modern EDM sounds since their debut in 2022.

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Their latest single "Firenight" is a mesmerizing electronic dance track that symbolizes emerging from darkness and embracing new beginnings. The duo's mission goes beyond creating catchy tunes; they seek to inspire introspection, stir emotions, and expand awareness.

Moon and Aries transcend geographical boundaries, proving that their collaborative spirit knows no limits. Their upcoming album "Transcendence" set to release in September 2024, promises a unique fusion of Electronic, Dance, Pop, Synth, Trip-Hop, and RnB/Soul.

With Jordana's evocative vocals and Tom's innovative production, Moon and Aries continue to push musical boundaries and ignite personal transformations through their art.

Check out the video and single below.


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