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Montreal's Mascara Wizard Release New Single 'Elderberry'

Montreal based folk-pop group Mascara Wizard has unveiled their latest single "Elderberry", a dreamy and enchanting track blending electronic influences with folk vibes. The track serves as a preview of their upcoming EP "Sunbathing In The Valley Of Death" slated for release on April 21st.

The trio, consisting of Simina Banu, Iola Patalas, and Michael Johancsik, formed the project during the 2020 lockdown. Originally a gift from Banu to her fellow musicians, "Elderberry" evolved into a digital collaboration that beautifully showcases Banu's vocals, Patalas's flute melodies, and Johancsik's instrumental prowess.

The song's enigmatic lyrics and emotive soundscapes reflect the band's experimental and poetic approach to music-making. With a history that began as teenage rivals turned friends bonded by a mutual love for art and music, Mascara Wizard's journey culminates in the captivating single "Elderberry".

Check out the track now available on all major streaming platforms.


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