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Monotronic's latest release 'Sun Song'

Monotronic, the Indie band hailing from NYC, is making waves with their latest release "Sun Song", accompanied by an original music video.

This single is just a glimpse of what's to come from their highly anticipated album "Waiting For You" set to be released in early 2025. Ramsey Elkholy, the creative force behind Monotronic, draws inspiration from his diverse cultural experiences gathered during his extensive travels through India and Southeast Asia.

His time spent immersing himself in various musical traditions and living among indigenous tribes heavily influences Monotronic's sound, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and shared creativity among the band members. The song "Sun Song" is a product of Ramsey's spontaneous inspiration, with its captivating guitar riffs and introspective lyrics seamlessly coming together to form a cohesive piece.

Fans can look forward to more musical gems from Monotronic as they build anticipation for their upcoming LP "Waiting for You" with each release showcasing their unique blend of musical influences and collective spirit.


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