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Molly Mckew Unveils Debut Album 'It should have been done with ease'

Molly Mckew has just unveiled her debut album titled "It should have been done with ease", a heartfelt and introspective collection of tracks delving into themes of heartbreak, fantasy, and reflection.

Mckew's candid and sometimes witty lyrics navigate through emotions of sadness and longing with a refreshing authenticity. Her unique blend of alt-pop-folk draws from a mix of pop, Celtic influences, and cyclical folk elements, creating a rich and soulful sound. The album features 11 tracks showcasing Mckew's emotive vocals and guitar skills, complemented by the talents of musicians like Sam Walsh on lead guitar and Rowena Wise on violin.

Recorded at Road Noise Studios by Rowena Wise, who also produced her album, "It should have been done with ease" is a testament to Mckew's growth as a musician. The album launch at the Old Bar promises a captivating performance with a full band and support from Ally Mac on May 11th.

Mckew's musical journey, from her early days as Nancy Cole to her current solo endeavors, reflects a deep connection to her craft and a promising future in the indie music scene.


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