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Mohit Khanna's latest three-track single 'Ignorance and Delay'

Mohit Khanna's latest instrumental CD single "Ignorance and Delay" showcases his evolution since starting his musical journey in 2020 with GarageBand and a Macbook.

Drawing inspiration from genres such as Rock, House, and Ambient, Mohit's sound has evolved to incorporate elements of deep house and chillout music. The three-track album features a diverse range of virtual instruments, with the entire production done on Ableton Live and MIDI keyboards with the help of an iPad app.

Mohit's track "Tres Bien" reflects his growth as an artist, while "Acknowledging Oblivion" delves into the contemplative nature of his musical journey. The aptly named "Spotlight Toggle" offers listeners a versatile experience, perfect for both focused work sessions and relaxed listening.

"Ignorance and Delay" is a testament to Mohit Khanna's dedication and growth as a musician, with each track revealing different facets of his creative process and musical influences. Check it out below.


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