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minus32heartbeat unveils latest single 'This City Shines So Bright'

New York-based musician Matt Friedlander, under the moniker minus32heartbeat, has unveiled his latest single "This City Shines So Bright", a track that provides a glimpse into his upcoming debut album, "DHRICMV".

Formerly part of The GoStation, Matt now showcases his talent by handling all instruments for this solo project. The music was created entirely in his apartment, in a room that later became his son's bedroom, capturing the tumultuous emotions experienced at the onset of the COVID pandemic.

The song blends an upbeat musical vibe with lyrics that delve into themes of isolation, disappointment, and betrayal. While minus32heartbeat is relatively new to the scene, his upcoming album release show in September 2024 promises to be a noteworthy event.

Matt Friedlander's journey from a former band to this solo endeavor demonstrates his evolution as a versatile artist dedicated to creating profound musical experiences. Check out the single below.


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