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Miles East's latest album 'Between Lightning and Thunder'

Miles East has captivated audiences worldwide with his latest album "Between Lightning and Thunder", released via ECR Music Group.

The album, masterfully produced by Blake Morgan, delves into the tumultuous journey of a relationship in crisis. The tracks serve as guiding lights through darkness, with some resonating as beacons of hope while others hint at imminent danger.

The record opens with the optimistic yet desperate "Better Than Here", leading listeners through a musical narrative that culminates in a poignant and simple redemption with "All I Need". Tracks like "All Hands On Deck" provide an urgent call to action in the face of adversity, while "Lucky to Be Here Tonight" pays homage to the positivity found amidst chaos. Miles' insightful lyrics shine in the standout track "Song of Hope", urging listeners to embrace the possibility of a brighter future.

With a lineup featuring Morgan and Justin Goldner, "Between Lightning and Thunder" is a testament to East's evolution as a musician. Check it out below.


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