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Micki XO's latest single 'Behind My Eyelids'

Rising pop sensation Micki XO unveils her latest single "Behind My Eyelids", a track that delves into the profound emotions of finding inner calm and overcoming racing thoughts with the help of cannabis.

The song's mellow and invigorating rhythm sets a blissful tone, leading listeners on a captivating journey to tranquility. "Behind My Eyelids" serves as a tribute to the healing powers of this natural remedy, offering a sense of liberation from mental turmoil and a path to serenity.

Micki XO's distinctive musical style connects deeply with those seeking solace from the cacophony of their own minds, delivering a message of hope and escape. With her upcoming releases in 2024, Micki XO continues to make waves in the electropop scene, enchanting audiences with her introspective lyrics and soulful melodies.

Follow Micki XO's musical odyssey for a dose of heartfelt inspiration and musical innovation.


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