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Michelle Thibodeaux's single 'Unemployment'

Today we are delighted to present to you Portland-based singer-songwriter Michelle Thibodeaux's single "Unemployment", a poignant reflection on life's unexpected turns.

Through introspective lyrics and emotive vocals, Michelle captures the struggles and resilience faced in the midst of uncertainties. The song, a fusion of personal experiences and musical depth, showcases her growth as a musician and storyteller.

Collaborating with talented musicians like Giancarlo Herrera on drums and Jeremy Long contributing to the production, Michelle has crafted a textured and emotionally charged piece. Recorded in Jeremy's home studio and the Rye Room studio in Southwest Portland, the track carries a raw and vulnerable essence that resonates with audiences.

"Unemployment" stands as a testament to Michelle Thibodeaux's journey as a songwriter, drawing inspiration from nature, mental health, and personal growth. It serves as a cathartic expression of navigating through life's trials, highlighting resilience and finding hope amidst challenges. Check it out below.


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