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Melina Hazewood's latest single 'Simple Desire'

Melina Hazewood's latest single "Simple Desire" captures the essence of new love with a mix of enchanting vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The track delves into the exhilarating thrill of embarking on a budding relationship, emphasizing the pure and tender nature of newfound affection. Melina's emotive singing shines against a backdrop of keys, acoustic guitar, percussion, and strings, creating a melodic tapestry that complements the theme of the song. With a chorus that spans three languages, "Simple Desire" showcases the universal language of love and the depth of connection it can foster.

Melina's artistry is not new to acclaim, with previous singles like "Memories Are Now Ghosts" garnering praise and thousands of Spotify streams. As a recipient of prestigious awards like Best Singer-Songwriter at Cannes' The Golden Voices International Singing Contest, Melina's talent is undeniable, portraying a promising trajectory for this young artist.

Embrace the sentiments of fresh beginnings and emotional fervor with Melina Hazewood's captivating track "Simple Desire".


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