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Mel Senese Unveils 'Melonade'

Mel Senese has released her latest single "Melonade", a refreshing addition to her upcoming EP, centered around the theme of self-love.

The track, a clever play on her name, delivers an uplifting message of empowerment and self-affirmation. Senese's unique blend of pop and rock is showcased in this quirky and energetic anthem that is sure to have listeners singing and dancing along.

Hailing from Chicago, Mel is an emerging artist known for her passionate storytelling and captivating performances. Her resilience during the pandemic led her to explore live streaming, connecting with fans and maintaining her creative spirit. This dedication has garnered her a devoted following and recognition in the media.

With a history of successful collaborations and a track record of engaging with her audience, Senese's return to the music scene promises a wave of confidence and positivity. "Melonade" sets the stage for what is sure to be a standout EP release this summer, filled with messages of support and strength for listeners to embrace.


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