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Max Rêve unveils debut single 'Falling'

Max Rêve has just released the single "Falling", which marks the beginning of his solo venture into the music world.

The track explores themes of introspection and self-discovery, encapsulating a journey through one's own consciousness. Described as an experimental indie rock creation, "Falling" navigates a range of emotions, guiding listeners through a mix of melancholy verses and vibrant choruses.

The song is crafted to provoke thought and evoke feelings of both unease and comfort, offering a captivating sonic experience. Max Rêve, known for his musical storytelling, draws inspiration from the realms of dreams and reality, blending indie rock and indie pop in a unique fusion.

With a rich background in Berlin's music industry, collaborating with various artists, Max Rêve's solo venture promises a fresh and introspective exploration of identity and expression through music. Check out the single below.


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