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Matthew Ruddy releases 'The World Is Mine'

Matthew Ruddy, a talented saxophonist and musician, has recently released his original single titled "The World Is Mine". With a background in music education from Glasgow Clyde College and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Matthew's journey in music began at a young age.

Starting with instruments like the tin whistle and banjo during his primary school days, he later found his passion for the saxophone and piano in secondary school. Over the years, Matthew honed his skills by participating in various ensembles and gigs, showcasing his talents in venues like the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow and Motherwell Civic Centre. Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, Matthew persevered and embraced the Ibiza sax trend, performing at clubs, weddings, and functions.

Now, as a graduate with a Bachelor of Music Performance with Honours, Matthew is embarking on a new chapter, exploring his creativity through songwriting and singing. His upcoming album promises to be a culmination of his musical journey, reflecting his growth and dedication to his craft.

Check out "The World Is Mine" below, and don't forget to connect with Matthew on his socials.


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