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Marky Wildtype's Latest Single 'The Hole'

Marky Wildtype, a talented DIY artist from Edinburgh, showcases his musical prowess in his latest single "The Hole" from the upcoming album 'If Destroyed Still True'.

Drawing inspiration from the film 'Take This Waltz', the song delves into existential themes, exploring our struggles to find meaning in life and cope with mortality.

Wildtype's evolution from his acoustic roots to a more developed sound is evident in this blues-infused rock anthem. With a background in bands like The Jig Show, Wildtype's solo venture demonstrates his songwriting skills and musical versatility. His upcoming album promises a bold and confident approach, delving into emotional depths while maintaining a focus on catchy hooks and layered harmonies.

"The Hole" stands out with its rock sound, showcasing Wildtype's growth as a musician and storyteller. Get ready to be captivated by his insistent melodies and emotive lyrics in this compelling track. Listen below.


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