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Mark Perry unveils new album: 'Glimpses'

Mark Perry, the celebrated singer-songwriter from Northern BC, Canada, has just released his latest album "Glimpses", presenting the lead single "Day Makes" as a shining example of his musical prowess.

This lively acoustic folk track exudes positive energy, serving as a beacon of hope during difficult times. In his own words, Mark describes the song as a product of personal struggle and finding inspiration in unlikely places.

With a knack for connecting with audiences through his music, Mark's performances are known for their engaging and thought-provoking nature. Through his music, he captures the essence of the diverse landscapes of Northwest British Columbia, infusing his songs with a genuine connection to the people and places that inspire him.

"Glimpses" is now available on major digital platforms for listeners to enjoy worldwide, showcasing Mark Perry's unique brand of "Northwest people music" that resonates with audiences near and far.


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