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Marc Burford's Folk & Indie Rock Magic Continues with 'Leopards'

Marc Burford, the talented songwriter and producer known for his Folk & Indie Rock sound, has unveiled his latest single "Leopards" - the second release from his highly anticipated album "Hope and Heart."

Collaborating with Hampshire lyricist Kat Brown, the song delves into the bittersweet theme of reminiscing about past memories and the ache of yearning for someone.

With a portfolio boasting over 10 million streams and support from renowned radio hosts like Dermot O'Leary and Chris Evans, Marc's music has left a lasting impact on listeners. His work has not only graced popular media platforms like Brooklyn 99 and Sky News but has also been featured in prestigious art galleries such as Tate Modern & Tate Britain. With a knack for live performances honed during his time touring with Echotape, Marc's musical journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

So check out his new single below, and stay tuned for the full release of "Hope and Heart" in 2024, which promises to be a testament to Marc's unwavering passion for creating soul-stirring music.


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