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MANSHEEN Releases New Single: 'we used to be alright'

MANSHEEN's latest single "we used to be alright" delves into the complexities of relationships and the hope for a brighter future.

The project of London-based songwriter and performer Stan Zuchowski, MANSHEEN's music draws inspiration from the British Indie Rock scene of the 1990s, blending elements of britpop, shoegaze, grunge and the Madchester movement, with a touch of punk and rock traditions.

Stan's musical journey, transitioning from playing in bands to embracing a solo project, showcases his evolution as a musician. His sound is a unique fusion of diverse influences, resulting in a contemporary twist that has been praised for its experimentation and genre-blending. Critics have lauded MANSHEEN's ability to craft a vibrant and improvised noise rock experience that sets them apart in the music landscape.

With "we used to be alright" MANSHEEN invites listeners to reflect on the past while embracing the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Check out the single below.


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