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Magz' Latest Single 'Disappoint Me'

Magz, the talented NYC-based artist, continues to impress with her latest original single "Disappoint Me".

Known for her captivating music that transcends genres, Magz's unique sound resonates deeply with listeners. Drawing inspiration from a variety of styles including pop, indie-pop and trip-hop, Magz effortlessly combines melodies and lyrics to create a profound emotional experience.

Her newest single "Disappoint Me" stands out as a dark-pop masterpiece that explores themes of betrayal and revenge with a villainous twist, evoking intense emotions in its listeners. The track was co-written with Maddy Abela, and producer Rich Tuorto.

Magz continues to push boundaries and create music that leaves a lasting impact, and her latest single is a true testament to that. So be sure to give it a listen below.


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